We would like to invite you to stop in to our our Training facility and see for yourself why Capital Cheer Legends is the area's fastest growing competitive cheer program!


Level Required Skills:


Level 1 - Beginner No Required Skills

Level 2 - Back Walkover, Back Handspring, Prep Heel Stretch with a Straight Cradle.

Level 3 - Back Handspring, Tuck variation (roundoff tuck, punch front, round-off BHS tuck, etc.) Extension with Full Cradle and an Extended Liberty.

Level 4 - Tuck Variation, Layout, Extended Heel Stretch with a Full Cradle.

Level 5 - Twisting Pass, Standing Tuck, and Heel Stretch with a Full Cradle.


**For the stunting requirements, athletes can pick their own groups. If someone is new and/or in need of a stunt group, coaches will be available to assist with finding a group for the athlete.**

Everyone makes a team!!! Whether you are 2 or 22, a novice or a Level 5 athlete, we have a place for you in the 2018/2019 season!

If you are interested in becoming a Legend 

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Capital Cheer has made such an impact on my child! I can't believe how much of a change I already see & it has only been a few months! Thanks Capital Cheer for everything you do with your athletes! 

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